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    • Tom Degerlia's picture

      Tom Degerlia

      President and Founder

      In March 1998, Tom DeGerlia combined his passion for the web with his experience in database development to bring Denverdata Web to life. As the President and Founder of Denverdata Web, Tom has grown the company to be where it is today. His breadth of knowledge and experience is unmatched in this industry, which results in the delivery of the most cutting edge web-based solutions for clients. He demonstrates a unique ability to focus on both the big picture and small details of every project, resulting in high quality results for our clients. Outside of work, Tom is an active gardener. He’s been the leader of Denver Urban Gardens for over 6 years. He also enjoys spending time with his two sons and exploring Denver’s variety of bars and restaurants.

    • Andy Lasda's picture

      Andy Lasda

      Director of Technology

      Originally from Buffalo, New York, Andy Lasda has been a leader in technology and web development in the Denver metro area for over 20 years. Since joining Denverdata Web as the Director of Technology, Andy has developed a culture of continuous improvement and growth across the team. He keeps everyone engaged with his unparalleled wittiness and humor. He has an uncanny ability to bridge the gap between technical and everyday language with clients. In his free time, he enjoys playing guitar, attending concerts and comedy shows, and playing computer games. You might even find him jamming out in the office with a couple tunes during his off hours.

    • Justin Goldman's picture

      Justin Goldman

      Web Designer and Developer

      Justin Goldman joined Denverdata Web five years ago after graduating from Full Sail University with a degree in Web Design and Development. Since then, he’s been bringing client visions to life with his outstanding web design and development skills. He’s a problem solver, always working hard to develop solutions for clients in collaboration with the rest of the team. He approaches everything with a positive attitude and a determination to deliver results for clients. Justin’s passion for technology doesn’t stop at work: He enjoys building computers in his free time as well as playing video games and fishing.

    • David Csonka's picture

      David Csonka

      Business Development Executive

      When it comes to web development and IT, David Csonka is an expert on the matter. After receiving his bachelors and masters degrees in Information Science at Florida State University, he’s spent his entire career in the web development and IT industries. As the Business Development Executive at Denverdata Web, David works to serve the team through intentional processes and continuous self improvement. He has an exceptional drive for growth, motivated to deliver nothing but the highest value to current and future clients. When he’s not working, David enjoys spending time with his family and taking his daughters to the zoo.

    • Eliot Lee's picture

      Eliot Lee

      Project Manager

      Eliot is originally from the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. He has lived in Colorado for 21 years and has over 22 years of experience with architecting, designing, developing, and managing complex websites and web-based applications. His main focus is ensuring that his clients understand web technology and how it can be used for communicating and marketing services and products. In addition, using his Ethnographic training, he is able to understand the needs of his clients. Eliot has worked with several start-ups, nonprofits, educational organizations, academic institutions, and corporations. He brings outstanding organizational skills and a passion for managing projects, data, and technology to Denverdata Web. When not working, you can find Eliot exploring the Mountains on skis or wearing trail running shoes, road tripping around Colorado and neighboring States, experimental fusion cooking of vegetarian dishes, relaxing at a local brewery, hanging out with his dog, or watching movies.

    • Sarah Jozwiak's picture

      Sarah Jozwiak

      Digital Marketing Analyst

      Born and raised in Chicago, IL, Sarah is a creative and active soul who developed an eager interest in creative writing and marketing as early as middle school. Shortly after graduating from College of DuPage, Sarah moved to Denver and began working as a marketing coordinator in the natural foods industry. After five years gaining experience with content writing, SEO, social media, graphic design, and live-demo marketing for independent food manufacturers, Sarah worked as an SEO specialist and department manager before joining Denverdata Web as Digital Marketing Analyst in the Summer of 2020. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys hiking, creative writing, watching science fiction movies, and cooking delicious, seasonal meals.

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